Beginning November 1, 2021, Faith Community Homes
will become FamilyForward.

Although our name is changing, our mission remains the same: Strengthening northwest suburban families to achieve financial stability and independence through mentoring, rental assistance and support services.

FamilyForward reflects how we’ve grown since our founding. 

For the past 18 years, Faith Community Homes has been nurturing and building on the seeds planted by the churches of the Arlington Heights Ministerial Association. It was a bold idea to come together to support, mentor, and subsidize housing for low-income families.

As our 501(c)(3) charitable organization has established roots and grown over the years since 2003, we continue to recognize and celebrate the vital partnerships of many churches, individuals, organizations, businesses and government entities.


Recently, our organization has grown even more, expanding into Palatine and several other nearby suburbs. We continue to help as many families as we can, including those who were so negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But more families need our help than ever before.

FamilyForward encapsulates what we do.

Recognizing the growing need in the northwest suburbs, our board of directors concluded that now is the time to refresh our brand and expand our sources of support.

Our new name captures the essence of what we do. FamilyForward seeks to welcome even more people, organizations and businesses to join our ongoing mission.

FamilyForward is more identifiable to families who need help. Our new tagline is Mentor. Empower. Thrive. This action statement succinctly conveys both the heart of the work we do and the remarkable progress of families who complete our two-year program. 

FamilyForward affirms our commitment to keep moving families forward.

As we move confidently into the future, we will continue to do what we have always done, with renewed passion and dedication. FamilyForward will spread seeds of hope by empowering families to improve their life circumstances and rise above poverty.

As FamilyForwardwe are focused on moving families forward — toward a brighter future.